Five Tips for Your Wedding Dance Performance

Posted on September 6th, 2012 16:22 , Tips , by: Ana Miladinova (1040)
The day has come and you are ready to perform your first wedding dance you have practiced.
  1. •    Relax
  2. Fear is our greatest enemy. You have practiced this dance and you know it the most compared to anybody else. So there is no reason to stress out. The audience will be pleasantly surprised by your moves.
  3. •    Have Fun.
  4. This is you chance to shine. Every person has its own way of dance. The rhythm and the way you present it matches with the music. Give your best and enjoy your dance with your special bride/groom. Interact with each other and the audience on the dance floor. They will love that.
  5. •    Continue Dancing During Your  Dance.
  6. No matter what happens during your choreographed dance, you will need to continue dancing. Usually, the couples practice so much and work well under pressure and excel in their performance. However, if it doesn’t go like planned, make sure you continue the dance and add you improvisation.
  7. •    Pose.
  8. The important thin when you make a pose is to stretch and create nice lines of your body. If you end your dance into a pose, wait for couple of seconds into the pose. After that you can either take a bow or invite your family and friends to dance right away.
  9. •    Smile.
It is never enough to have that genuine smile there.

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