Wedding Dance Preparation Tips

Posted on October 14th, 2012 16:31 , Tips , by: Ana Miladinova (960)
You have dreamed about the moment of getting married. You started organizing for the wedding. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first dance.

1) Chose an easy to hear dance beat song

Select a romantic song with a clear beat and a song that keeps a consistent beat throughout the song. 

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2) Your wedding dance should be about two minutes
Select a song that is about two minute long (you can always cut the song with a software program or let your DJ know when you are going to end so he can fade the song). The two minute song is shown to be the most efficient where the audience is still interested and you get to show your best moves. During that time the audience is still impressed. You can end the dance in a nice pose or you can invite the audience to dance.

3) Start your practice early!
You can take private wedding dance lessons with us (click here to contact) or you can sign up  for our online wedding dance package . Start early so you have a chance to practice and be relaxed at your actual wedding . You should start at least two months before the wedding.

4) Practice at least three times a week
If you are taking wedding dance classes or using our online wedding dance package you should plan to practice at least three times a week, a half hour or more each time. Practice is very important in order to really feel comfortable and be able to look and feel relaxed on your wedding night.

5) Practice on the actual wedding dance floor
Get familiar with the wedding reception dance floor. It is important to have at least one practice so that you can get used to the dancing in that space.

6) Arrange the wedding dance song with your DJ or band leader or friend
Talk to you DJ or Band Leader and explain when and where are you going to start and end the dance. Make sure you give them the right instructions on the sound and the song. Also, discuss what are you plans after your dance ends. Will you invite everybody to the dance floor, will you continue the same song, will you have another dance son lined up?

7) Arrange somebody to video tape your first dance
It will always be good memories of your wedding and you will be proud to show it to your friends and children to come.

8) Practice, practice, practice (steps, combination, music, lead and follow)!
First, get familiar with the steps separately. Listen to the music and try to find the beat (the music is combined with sets of 8 counts  - mini phrase). The first beat usually has an accent. Try clapping on each beat and counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Then, try to combine the steps so the transitions are smooth. Try you combination with music and keep the time to the music. Your confidence and lead and follow technique will improve the most after you are comfortable with the steps.

For the guys (grooms) practice your lead and remember that you are the caption of the ship while you are on the dance floor. For the lady’s – allow the guy to lead and try to feel each step he is taking so you can learn how to respond to his steps and his change of direction.

9) Remember this is a team effort.
The cooperation and connection between the two of you developed while learning and practicing will stay with you forever - even after the dance is done .

Good luck on your first wedding dance!

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