Natasha and Jack
Charlotte, NC
"Very Organized"
Jorge and Ana’s online wedding dance system really works.
First, the content is more than an hour packed with dance steps. Second, the moves are simple but nice; they are also very short and easy to combine into longer sequences. Third, there are two dance combinations ready for you to choose from. Fourth, the moves are taught not as a sequence written in stone, but as flexible elements, which you can modify and play with.
All explanations are very clear and at a good pace; a lot of details are given in how to lead properly, present the dance and have fun at the wedding.
Jorge and Ana’s dancing is simple and economical, but clear and precise, they dance to teach and demonstrate.
The online instructions are also good if you want to review and practice the same moves. You can hit the rewind button and watch it over and over again. We had a great time at our wedding and we still go out dancing and show our moves like it was our first dance.
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Raj and Ashta
Chicago, IL

So, the wedding is done! Once again... thank you so much for working with us on the first dance. It was a blast... I think the most important thing is that Astha and I had a great time doing it. At random spots, we'll just start breaking out in our dance routine! We even did it in Yosemite while we were on our honeymoon.
We had a blast!
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Leslie and Bryan
Redwood City, CA
Everybody Loved Our Dance!
“For our wedding, my husband and I thought it would be fun to have a rehearsed first dance to bring together the bride and grooms different family cultures. Jorge and Ana were extremely flexible with our schedules and showed motivation and excitement throughout the whole process. We looked forward to going to every meeting because they were so enthusiastic and above all inspiring.

We choose to use two different songs, a waltz by Louise Armstrong and a faster pace song in Spanish by Selena. We took about 50 seconds from each song and linked them together so that one lead into the next.

All I can remember is listening to the crowd cheers us on and clap with excitement. It was so nerve wrecking but super fun at the same time. It was a complete success.

We were both very very happy with the outcome and couldn't thank them more for sharing their expertise with us. My Husband was very impressed by how it all came together. Especially with his individual performance because he swears he has two left feet.”
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Sasha and Raul
Miami, Fl
Worth the Money!
“My now-husband and I signed up for the online wedding dance package and we were amazed by the flexibility and easy access of the website. We started practicing immediately. With the guidance of the instructors we prepared our awesome dance. Our dance was made up entirely from steps taught on their website.  The instructions were clear and the website was easy to navigate.
Thank you for the wonderful experience!”
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Ally and Juan
"Very Impressive"
We took private classes with Ana and Jorge before our wedding. They were very thorough with the instructions but at the same time they were fun to work with. They broke each move thoroughly and created a personalized choreography, which we loved. What was also important is that our friends and family loved our dance and were talking about it!
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