Natasha and Jack

"Very Organized"
Jorge and Ana’s online wedding dance system really works.
First, the content is more than an hour packed with dance steps. Second, the moves are simple but nice; they are also very short and easy to combine into longer sequences. Third, there are two dance combinations ready for you to choose from. Fourth, the moves are taught not as a sequence written in stone, but as flexible elements, which you can modify and play with.
All explanations are very clear and at a good pace; a lot of details are given in how to lead properly, present the dance and have fun at the wedding.
Jorge and Ana’s dancing is simple and economical, but clear and precise, they dance to teach and demonstrate.
The online instructions are also good if you want to review and practice the same moves. You can hit the rewind button and watch it over and over again. We had a great time at our wedding and we still go out dancing and show our moves like it was our first dance.

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