Leslie and Bryan

Everybody Loved Our Dance!
“For our wedding, my husband and I thought it would be fun to have a rehearsed first dance to bring together the bride and grooms different family cultures. Jorge and Ana were extremely flexible with our schedules and showed motivation and excitement throughout the whole process. We looked forward to going to every meeting because they were so enthusiastic and above all inspiring.

We choose to use two different songs, a waltz by Louise Armstrong and a faster pace song in Spanish by Selena. We took about 50 seconds from each song and linked them together so that one lead into the next.

All I can remember is listening to the crowd cheers us on and clap with excitement. It was so nerve wrecking but super fun at the same time. It was a complete success.

We were both very very happy with the outcome and couldn't thank them more for sharing their expertise with us. My Husband was very impressed by how it all came together. Especially with his individual performance because he swears he has two left feet.”

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