Why Would You Choose Our Online Wedding Dance System?

Saves Time

Instructions are delivered instantly to save time. Instructors give clear instructions and demonstration of the steps. Each instruction is followed by demonstration of the steps with music. We also provide two dance combinations that you can re-play and study as much as you want to. 


It really costs less than private lessons. Usually a private wedding dance lesson costs between 80-100 dollars per hour. In order to create a nice looking choreography instructors spend at least 6 hours with their clients. So we are looking at a minimum of a 800-dollar value.


With our 24-hour online access, you can tune in any time that fits your schedule from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The system also gives you flexibility and freedom to chose from the provided numerous dance steps and two wedding combinations.

Easy to understand

This system is structured in a way that is easy to navigate through. The topics are relevant and organized in a way that will guide you to learn the two combinations provided at the end without any difficulties. The instructions are clear and easy to follow so that you will learn all the steps you need in very little time.


The system has all the tips that will answer all the questions you need for your wedding including what to wear, how to listen to the music, how to work with your arms, how to perform in from of the audience, and many more.
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